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First off I want to talk about some things I definitely REALLY want you to think about when choosing a dating site.

There are MANY new sites starting up everyday putting up photos of “pretty” girls and asking you to join up then asking YOU for NOT only your personal information but also your financial information. These sites ALWAYS state they HAVE experience in “Foreign" dating AND have a “dedicated” staff.

When in “reality” it is just person or “people” who started a web site who most likely NEVER dated a foreign lady or even visited a foreign country.

IF they are legitimate WHERE are the photos of their STAFF and WHERE is a contact number and address? ALL you generally get an “anonymous” contact us email form to contact them and “hope” they are legitimate.

My Lotus Loves HAS a dedicated staff and you can SEE their photos, we all HAVE experience in dating foreign people (I personally am engaged to a Filipina beauty), we all HAVE been in various Countries, we HAVE a contact number, we HAVE physical addresses, we are PayPal BUSINESS verified. We have NOTHING to hide and can prove our legitimacy. CAN those "other" sites you have been asking to join and are trying to “lure” you in say the same?

Please click to see our Staff Our Staff

It is not easy to find a soul mate. The staff of My Lotus Loves are here to help you.

There are a lot of choices but how to make the right one? Especially if you are dealing with different cultures, traditions, and language.

We all have either married Foreigners or are currently in relationships with a foreigner; and since we have all gone though it personally we are here to share our experience and to assist you.

We have REAL girls who are seeking a REAL relationship.

Our ladies are very lovely, and what is more important is that they are 100% serious and sincere about finding their soul mate and husband. They are very family oriented.

** WE have ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. IF you find ANY member either Female OR Male representing themselves please contact us immediately and I or one of my staff will address this situation. **

Those "other" sites that want you to join, will take gladly take your membership fee and then basically leave you totally on your own with no information about what happens if and when you decide to visit your lady.

To help you we will post informational links on our site about the different cultures, areas of interest, things to do, tips for your travel.

When you find the special lady, and decide to visit her, we can assist you with advice where to purchase discount air fares, weather for that time of year, area attractions, hotel/condo rentals etc. We are here for you to assist in any way we can.

Our goal is to make this the best experience of your life for you and your lady, and to bring you together for everlasting love.

We are a Monthly Membership site with various levels to choose from for what is most affordable for you.

You can email and chat with as many ladies as you desire as part of your Membership.

You do NOT have you pay for "credits" as other sites want you to pay to contact a lady.

To give you an basic idea of what you could be actually be spending on one of these "buy credits" sites IF the credits are "ONLY" 50 cents a credit.

To send her a letter it is NOT costing you "1" credit in most cases it takes "10" credits to write to the lady and "10" credits to get a “reply” from her. So that is $10 for "1" letter sent and to read the reply.

On average a man will correspond with "3" ladies whom he finds most compatible and generally will email these ladies 3 times a week

So you will spent $90 a week for letters/replies, $270 per month, $1,620 for 6 months and $3,240 for just "1" year of just writing to ONLY “3“ ladies.

For what you paid for your "credits" for 1 year ($3,240) you could have paid for your flight, paid for a decent hotel/condo stay on your visit to your chosen lady for almost 1 month.

We have your and the ladies best interest at heart WITHOUT you having go broke trying to find your True Love.