Fiancee Visa Information

Others have tried to "buck" the system and marry in their fiancee's country. Unfortunately they soon found themselves in a paperwork "jungle", taking 3-4 times as long, and sometimes not succeeding at all in their fiancee becoming "eligible" to enter the US.

You must be a registered United States citizen to file for a fiancee visa. You must have met your fiancee PERSONALLY within the two years prior to your application. You must also "prove" support financially for her/him to come to the US. You and your fiancee must be free and legal to marry. If you or your fiancee has previously been married, you must be either divorced, widowed or the marriage was officially annulled before applying for a fiancee visa.

You may have heard that 35-45% of the fiancee visa petitions filed are NOT approved (Remember i did not say DENIED). This seems accurate. Most of the time the problem is that there has made a mistake in filling out the paperwork or lack of inclusion of some paperwork. When this happens, you are sent a letter asking you to send the proper documentation or possibly to "resubmit" the entire application. The sad part to this is that you must now "wait" again to see if "this" is now correct. Thereby delaying your application processing time by weeks or even months

Now the whole "circle" of this RED TAPE begins again. Your application can be "denied" if the documentation AGAIN is incorrect, not "refused", as the US Government would not wish to use these words, but it means the same thing in actuality. This is within their legal rights as the"accepting" country. Having a visa "denied" reflects upon You, as your fiancee will surely have friends who had no problems obtaining a visa through us or another agency and your fiancee will question your authenticity of wanting them as your spouse even though you are an "innocent" bystander in the matter.

Once your application has been "approved", your fiancee must go to the correct US Embassy in her Country that processes the K-1 and talk with a "consulate official" who will ask questions regarding the information on the application. The official will try to "trick" your fiancee in this interview. (It is standard procedure.) If fiancee fails to answer the questions satisfactorily, the official can "order" an investigation that can take up to 1 year to conclude. We provide you with a list of "questions most likely asked"" and tell you what questions are asked to insure you will not have any problems. This also "relaxes" your fiancee so that they appear calm and collected during the interview. Having your fiancee look and sound confidant is very important in the interview process. We offer this because, as you know, we have gone through all of this and know the pitfalls that are possible.

Once your fiancee arrives in the US and passes through customs you have 90 days from the time her/his passport is stamped to get legally married. If you do not marry for some reason, your fiancee will have to return to her/his native country. This does not mean that you cannot resubmit another request for a fiancee visa in the future.

After marriage there is more paperwork to fill out and we can assist you with this too.(** The After marriage paperwork we can assist with IS at an addition fee and NOT part of the initial K- application paperwork). We do not "abandon" you once your fiancee has arrived, as do some other agencies. We offer complete and total services to you to assure your satisfaction in the visa process.

Our company was founded by people who have all married foreigners and successfully gone through ALL the paperwork and obstacles in the Fiancee Visa process. We will do all the paperwork and tell you what you and your fiancee need to do, send and say to have your application go smoothly -- at far less then other agencies charge for their services.

Our K-1 expert Mark, met his wife, Nina, through an Internet agency.They corresponded for over a year and found out they had much in common. He arranged a trip to visit her and afterwards he knew she was all the things she wrote to him. He came back to the USA and they corresponded some more. They decided that marriage was right for them and they were married shortly after her arrival in America.

In short your fiancee will have an "advantage" over others who are going through the interview process because of our guidance and advice. We give you a "personal" view of what is to occur and what questions will be asked and how the fiancee should act and react at this stage of the process to insure acceptance of your visa application.

We do everything necessary to make sure your fiancee visa application is approved the first time.* You do NOT need to hire an Immigration Attorney or your local Lawyer , although “they” will swear you do need to hire them and BS you into how they can make the process “faster”! Guess what? They can't make the application go faster! Applications get processed on a "first come, first serve basis". You DO however need someone who does know the entire process, forms, concise way the application should be put together for processing. SOMEONE who has "BEEN THERE, DONE THAT" personally. Someone like us!!

We also guide you through the "After your fiancee" arrives in the USA part. We can and will advise and take you through what needs to be done after your wedding. We want you to have a long, happy life with your spouse and nothing brings more joy than hearing about your marital bliss.

** DISCLAIMER: MLL Fiancee Visa Service provides this service "as-is". No warranty or guarantee of any kind is given or implied. MLL Fiancee Visa Service is not legally responsible for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of this service. We reserve the right to refuse our service(s) to anyone. MLL Fiancee Visa Service is not responsible for any misinformation given by the parties applying for the fiancee visa. MLL Fiancee Visa Service will not "guarantee" that a fiancee visa, nor interview will be granted by the United States Embassy or by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). MLL Fiancee Visa Service cannot and will not be held legally responsible for any decisions made by these branches of the United States Government.