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Filipina, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and other Asian girls Which One?

WELL that is a excellent question as all have their good points and not so good points as you will see below, If you are interested in finding a much younger Asian lady than your yourself then look for a lady from Thailand or the Philippines..

FILIPINAS are the most common Asian ladies to find on Asian dating sites.They can make great wives, and they'll happily marry much older men. Same can be said for Thai ladies

CHINESE ladies marrying much older men are generally just in it looking for the “easy” life. Also remember that Chinese ladies are not schooled in English so communication with them can be a bit frustrating. **** LANGUAGE is also a problem that can cause you heartaches and head aches. Yes she may be beautiful and you have the same interests but how do you communicate? IMAGINE yourself being dropped off in a Country where you do now know the language OR have just a basic knowledge of the language, how frustrated would you be? Now scale that to being with her 24/7. I am NOT saying that you should not correspond with these ladies but be please aware of the differences.

JAPANESE girls rarely wants to marry man much older than herself and there are not a large number of Japanese ladies willing to relocate to another country, so you're most likely going to have to live in Japan.

FILIPINAS and THAI ladies are a good choice if you only know English as they often speak English reasonably well. But don't make the common mistake of thinking ALL of the Filipinas speak English fluently - NO they don't. But since there are a lot of Americans, British and Australians who visit the Philippines and Thailand as well as the number of American bases in the Philippines and Thailand, Filipinas and Thai girls will generally find it much easier to learn English than ladies from other Asian countries as they hear English spoken more often and have English only speaking channels on TV.

BE PERSISTENT AND PATIENT: The odds of finding the first lady you correspond with will be Miss Right are low (but you never know) . So take stock in the fact that you might need to correspond with several ladies to determine who would be the best for you.

ETIQUETTE: If you receive a letter or interest from a lady and you are NOT interested in her. Do NOT be RUDE! Just tell "Thank you, but I feel we are not compatible". Be nice!

AGE DIFFERENCES: Many men seek Asian brides because they prefer marrying a much younger lady. Before you start chatting and corresponding with 18-20 year old Asian girls, just bear in mind that having this relationship isn't always the easiest one as she will be into things you are not into and common interests make for a solid relationship and marriage. So please just use common sense. A “20“ year "gap” is NOT out of the question and very normal for a "foreign" male and Asian female relationship.

*My fiancee is actually 25 years "younger" than me!*

** IF YOU ARE AN OLDER MAN: Yes it is nice to think that a Hot Young Asian girl would be great "arm and eye candy" for you but unless you are well off financially or are just looking for a Trophy wife try to be realistic with your searches. Other Asian dating sites try to LURE you in with photos of beautiful Asian girls telling you that your age difference doesn't matter, but in reality yes, LARGE age differences do matter.

Do NOT " overlook" the more "mature" ladies, but at an age difference that it is comfortable for you and her . On most dating sites the matured lady gets less attention, and she will most definitely love the attention you give her and will reciprocate in kind. Also she will give you the loyalty to continue regular correspondence with you. Also it is a know fact that Asian ladies age gracefully, and it's not uncommon to see mature Asian women who look 10-15 years younger than their true age.

DIVORCED VERSUS SEPARATED LADIES: Divorced ladies often find it very hard to remarry to an Asian man, so please don't overlook them. They make great wives and are ready to settle down and treat you like a King. We strongly advise you to avoid any "separated" ladies. As there is potential risk of YOU being drawn into domestic, family issues that can cause you a lot of grief , aggravation, (you might also end up funding for her divorce or paying off husband for him to sign the divorce papers) and also there is the possibility of the lady reconciling and going back to her spouse leaving you in the cold.

TIME INVOLVED: Finding an Asian wife takes time and If you're a busy man then this could be a problem. If you want to find a Asian wife then you'll need to change your time management priority. One HUGE tip is to generally avoid "free dating sites" as these tend to have the most scammers and the ladies in large part are "NON-verified" and paying for a MONTHLY membership is well worth the fee and you won't be wasting your time.

** NOTE: If you are wanting to have My Lotus Loves as your Match Maker, please contact us, as our staff can most definitely provide this exclusive individual service for an additional fee and will work extensively in finding your proper matches according to your criteria.

BEING AN AMERICAN: Asian ladies love the USA and Americans in general. If you're an American man and can promise her a new life in the United States then you'll be very popular with the ladies. And most, if not all Asian ladies know about American things, thanks to her watching TV, movies etc in her Country, so there will be topics you can readily discuss and she will also have many questions for you

SENDING GIFTS TO YOUR LADY: Okay this is where it gets a little "complicated" but should not be as logic should dictate. We being MEN like to impress our ladies with gifts. HOWEVER sending the lady a $50 gift like a Teddy Bear with roses and chocolates is not the smartest idea.

**REMEMBER this lady you are trying to impress with this gift probably makes less than $50 a WEEK working very hard and will most likely "sell" your gift to buy FOOD. So $50 in her country may buy her enough food for the MONTH. So please use your head, put yourself in her place. The ONLY one who really benefits from YOU buying Her the gift is the place “SELLING” you the gift.

SENDING FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Now this subject can be a bit "tricky". On one hand you have to remember that most of these ladies make little working. On the other hand how do you know when she is not scamming you? A general rule of thumb is that the Youngest girls will target the "Oldest men" to scam. Also they will come up with some BS story about relative in a hospital, or they need medicine or have no foods. If they come out and ASK you for financial assistance do NOT send them ANY. BUT here is the "tricky" part and remember there is that "language" barrier. She may just be corresponding with you and say "I wish we could communicate more but I do not have a PC". NOW this is just her stating a "fact", NOT asking you to buy her a PC. So re-read what she has written to you to see if maybe you have misconstrued the meaning of what she wrote.

LEARN ABOUT THE CULTURE AND COUNTRY YOU ARE GOING TO VISIT: You'll have to read up on Asian culture (see our TRAVEL TIPS/RESOURCES page for links), and maybe start learning some of the language, at least some BASIC phrases.

MEETING HER FAMILY: Some Asian ladies will try to "pressure you" into meeting her parents. Unless you're sure about her being the "one" try to avoid this as again there are some cultural differences and she can "lose face" with her family (or at the very least be massively embarrassed) if you decide to meet the family and then break off the relationship.

TRAVEL VISAS: Depending on what Country YOU live in you may need a travel visa to visit her country. Please visit the Embassy website of the Country you are planning to visit to assist you with this travel visa information.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: Getting sick is no fun and the best advice I can ever give to anyone traveling is to purchase a travel health insurance plan (coverage and costs very), also take a copy of YOUR medical records on a CD or thumb drive with you, have any prescriptions filled before you leave to visit as some but not all Countries will accept prescription to refill. GET a checkup BEFORE you travel, get online to check for any health warnings for the Country you are going to visit.

DENTAL: Dental is relatively a lot cheaper than it is in the USA etc. For example last time I was in Manila a complete "cleaning" cost me $21. Many malls have Dental Offices inside.